Windows 10: The Ultimate Guide To Operate New Microsoft Windows 10 (tips and tricks, user manual, user guide, updated and edited, Windows for beginners) (Volume 1)



Windows 10

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The Ultimate Guide To Operate New Microsoft Windows 10 (tips and tricks, user manual, user guide, updated and edited, Windows for beginners)

Windows 10 is totally new and easily familiar! From the return of the Start Menu, to your new BFF Cortana, there is plenty to show off in 10! Gone are the days of fright and inhibition when dealing with Control Panel, the new Settings Menu is all that and more, including Updates and Recovery, System, and Devices, just to name a few! Snap open apps together with ease to create collaborative projects, dynamic reports, or minimize research time in up to 4, side by side windows. This book will assist in navigating the latest version of the Windows operating system. Including an introduction to Microsoft’s latest browser, Edge. Bringing back the FUN in function, Edge’s Cortana integration option really makes the Windows 10 experience come alive. Enjoy annotation, doodling or highlighting favorite parts of the morning paper, directly in the browser window! The new Start Menu is also super practical and totally customizable. With a quick guide, tips, tricks, an easy to understand upgrade manual and the latest, updated features, this book is all users need to get up to speed with Windows 10! The next chapters will guide users through the new features and screens of this comfortably different version of the Windows OS. A perfect marriage of tablet function and traditional computer power, Windows 10 is sure to enhance any user experience!

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Introduction to the New Windows
  • Return of the Start Menu
  • New Features
  • Photos
  • Apps
  • Quick Guide
  • Tips & Tricks

Windows 10 provides and uniquely new, yet comfortable user experience that can be customized to fit multiple users on a myriad of devices. Each user will find that their custom set up becomes intuitive with more use and is especially enhanced with the addition of Cortana to any daily search or appointment use. Windows 10 will become invaluable to daily tasks, personal and work related. This guide will help users to become comfortable with the operation system in a matter of a few minutes and will give user tips and tricks to cut down on the time spent searching for simple and advanced functions. Download your copy of “Windows 10” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

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