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You’re young and ambitious, with a great idea for a new software program, downtown music ‘zine, or a better-than-Snapple beverage–but how do you turn your dream concept into a thriving business?

Forget the ultra-conservative suits who scoffed when you brought your hot idea to their door! As Fortune magazine’s Ron Lieber shows, you can actually turn your youth, inexperience, and lack of money to your advantage and capitalize on your assets to trump the corporate system, be your own boss, and turn your entrepreneurial vision into a reality.

Based on interviews with more than thirty young, independent entrepreneurs who have developed some of today’s hottest–even revolutionary–companies and products, Upstart Start-Ups! provides essential tips and information that will enable you to get your own Nantucket Nectars or Magnetic Poetry off the ground. Check out:

The myths and realities you need to know about starting a business when you’re under 30
How to generate your first “brainstorm” and how to act on a good idea
How to overcome the stigmas of youth and inexperience and make your age work to your advantage
How to develop a realistic business plan
Where and how to get the financial backing you need
How to establish credibility for your business or product with consumers
Models that have proved successful, and how to apply them to your own vision

Twenty-six-year-old Ron Lieber writes for Fortune magazine and is the coauthor of the New York Times business bestseller Taking Time Off.  He appears regularly on national television and radio to discuss career issues, corporate management, and his recent columns.ISBN13: 9780767900881
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