Unraveling AngularJS 1.5 (With Over 140 Complete Samples): The book to Learn AngularJS (v1.5) from! (Unraveling Series)


This is the book to Learn AngularJS (v1.5) from!

Updated to AngularJS 1.5 on February 22, 2016

Source code download: http://tinyurl.com/unravelingAngular15

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AngularJS is a great technology to create dynamic web sites with the Single Page Application model. From this book you can learn not

only the fundamentals, but you will also grasp the essence of internal mechanisms that drive Angular.

Contents At a Glance:

Part I

Chapter 1: A Short Tour of AngularJS (6 exercises)

Chapter 2: Angular and Single Page Applications (5 exercises)

Chapter 3: Angular Concepts that Enrich your Developer Experience (8 exercises)

Chapter 4: Accessing Backend Services with Angular (6 exercises)

Part II

Chapter 5: How Angular Apps Work (6 exercises)

Chapter 6: Working with Predefined Angular Directives (13 exercises)

Chapter 7: Scopes and Controllers (10 exercises)

Chapter 8: Form Management (23 exercises)

Chapter 9: Creating and Using Services (8 exercises)

Chapter 10: Enriching Your Apps with Filters (17 exercises)

Chapter 11: Creating Your Own Directives (12 exercises)

Chapter 12: Creating More Complex Directives (15 exercises)

Chapter 13: Using Components (13 exercises)

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