The GOLD Room (The Gold Room Complete Ten Book Box Set) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)


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Natasha Morgan is out of college and just got fired from working at Mangan Financial. Worrying how she will pay her expenses month by month. Joshua Hewitt is a wealthy, sexy, powerful alpha male, that not only knows what he wants, but also gets what he wants.

And soon enough, he wants Natasha.

Joshua helps Natasha out by giving her a number to call for a job interview at Reids Industries. It turns out that his brother Marty Reid, is CEO of the company and has also taken interest in Natasha. Two billionaire brothers, one woman. Who will take home the prize…

Five Week Fiancé

Eli Plainview, billionaire, notoriously private man, unmarried, is down on his luck. A rival company, run by his ex-best-friend Douglas Robinson, has just launched a rival product that is stealing their business, fast.

On top of that, Douglas has made himself into the celebrity pages, garnering more interest. Eli has no choice but to turn to the one man who can fix it: Simon “The Fix” Smith. And his plan is one that will bring Eli into contact with the woman of his dreams, Angela Fitzgerald. Now he has a tough choice to make.

Will he take Angela as his five-week fiancé, or will he let the company decline? Will Angela agree to such a plan? Has this mysterious, rich, handsome man got that much of a hold on her?

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The Gold Room contains:

Book 1: Exotic FEELINGS

Book 2: Exotic WAYS

Book 3: Exotic MINDS

Book 4: Exotic DESIRES

Book 5: Exotic TIMES

Book 1: Five Week Fiancé: Falling For The Billionaire

Book 2: Five Week Fiancé: Blurred Romance

Book 3: Five Week Fiancé: Crushing The Confusion

Book 4: Five Week Fiancé: Erasing Him

Book 5: Five Week Fiancé: Decades And Days

Readers should be 18 and over due to mature situations and language.

Limited Time Special Discount at 0.99

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