The Fashion Startup Guide: A step by step guide on how to build a fashion brand and business (How to start a fashion company)


Johnathan Webster, author, award winning NYC based designer for companies such as Helmut Lang & Theory, consultant to many NYC brands gives readers an inside of how to start a clothing company with a step by step guide of the necessary steps to create, produce and begin your own fashion line.

The Fashion Start-up Guide addresses both creative and technical challenges that one must be aware of to create a fashion collection. It provides the essential tools and checklists to start a clothing business with no nonsense chapters such as:

– How to harness you creative idea

– A step by step flow-chart

– How and when to purchase fabric

– In-depth analysis of how to work with a pattern maker

– Detailed description of a technical pack (examples included)

– Finalizing your fashion collection

– Step by step checklists to keep you moving fluidly

– List of websites, emails and references

– Sales: Which method is best for you!

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