The Billionaires Room (DIAMOND Room Complete Ten Book Box Set) An Alpha Billionaire Romance


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Natasha Morgan is out of college and just got fired from working at Mangan Financial. Worrying how she will pay her expenses month by month. Joshua Hewitt is a wealthy, sexy, powerful alpha male, that not only knows what he wants, but also gets what he wants.

And soon enough, he wants Natasha.

Joshua helps Natasha out by giving her a number to call for a job interview at Reids Industries. It turns out that his brother Marty Reid, is CEO of the company and has also taken interest in Natasha. Two billionaire brothers, one woman. Who will take home the prize…


Caroline Dodger is working hard to impress her supervisor and her boss, but when she wakes up in a hospital things start to spiral out of control. Things go from bad to worse when she misses a meeting with her parole officer and Crazy Caroline, her other half, takes over and bites the man in the face. Things are looking pretty grim until she runs into…

Eric Zimmer, who is struggling with whether or not to tell his best friend, Clyde, that he had a threesome with Clyde’s fiancé, Samantha, and her maid of honor, Tracie, after a night of one too many drinks. For this sexual deviant, it’s difficult to remain a loyal friend and tell the truth when the maid of honor is promising more and more sexual favors in exchange for keeping their secret safe.

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The DIAMOND Room contains:

Book 1: Exotic FEELINGS

Book 2: Exotic WAYS

Book 3: Exotic MINDS

Book 4: Exotic DESIRES

Book 5: Exotic TIMES

Book 1: Wild ENCOUNTER

Book 2: Wild OBSESSION

Book 3: Wild SECRET

Book 4: Wild PASSION

Book 5: Wild VIOLENCE

Readers should be 18 and over due to mature situations and language.

Limited Time Special Discount at 0.99

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