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If you’re working from home, you need tools that help you stay connected. More and more offices are embracing remote culture, but it’s important to ask: how do we build trust and relationships in this new world of work? One way to do that is with a video conferencing tool. Welcome to a roundup of the 10 best web video conferencing software tools for small businesses. We’ll see a mix of free and paid tools that help you stay connected face-to-face no matter where you’re located. Whether you’re working within your team or with clients, these tools are sure to help.

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Best Web Video Conferencing Software Tools

0:59 Cisco WebEx is a favorite tool for many large organizations, but don’t miss out on the fact that it includes a free personal plan too.

1:24 Zoom has really burst on the scene in the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. It has the “it just works” approach to video conferencing. It also includes a free tier that’s more than enough to get started.

1:51 is a low-cost option that is ideal for freelancers who need the occasional video conferencing option.

2:14 Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams is a popular choice. Eventually, you’ll see this platform merge with another option that’s already available.

2:39 Google Hangouts Meet is available if your company uses G Suite, which is Google’s product for workplace collaboration.

3:03 GoToMeeting If you frequently set up meetings, you’ll appreciate this tool’s ability to administer and manage user permissions.

3:33 RingCentral A platform provides a number of features that might help you consolidate the tools you use. There’s a cloud-based phone tool.

3:52 ClickMeeting has the standard features you’ve seen in other apps but has its own unique take on conferencing.

4:20 Adobe is all about the creative world. It should come as no surprise that this video conferencing tool has some creative tweaks of its own, including the option to create your layout of multiple panels.

4:40 Uberconference. It’s another option to try out for free, up to 10 participants per call. It focuses on true simplicity in the setup process and has an easy to navigate interface. Choose it if you want one of the simplest-to-create conference calls.

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