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Want more? Check out Exponent’s interview courses, coaching, and more: https://bit.ly/2NrhQOH

Roshan is a senior software development engineer at Amazon with a passion for teaching data structures and algorithms at Exponent. You can book a 1:1 interview coaching session with Roshan and other expert coaches here: https://www.tryexponent.com/coaching

In this video, Neamah asks Roshan (Amazon SWE) to print the left view of a binary tree.

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Did you enjoy this interview question and answer? Want to land your dream career? Exponent is an online community, course, and coaching platform to help you ace your upcoming interview. Exponent has helped people land their dream careers at companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and high-growth startups. Exponent is currently licensed by Stanford, Yale, UW, and others.

Our courses include interview lessons, questions, and complete answers with video walkthroughs. Get access to hours of real interview videos, where we analyze what went right or wrong, as well as our 1000+ community of expert coaches and industry professionals, to help you get your dream job and more!

#softwareengineering #amazon #coding #leetcode #binarytree #tech #entrepreneurship #exponent

Chapters –
00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:46 Q1 – Print left view of a binary tree?
00:03:46 Clarifying questions
00:04:26 Solution – Live code
00:09:30 Left view function
00:16:40 Complexity of the solution
00:17:31 Time complexity optimization
00:18:40 Implement space optimization
00:19:56 Q2 – Print the outline of the tree?
00:27:02 Right view function
00:37:24 Interview tips

To see more mock software engineering interviews, you can check out this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrtCHHeadkHptUb0gduz9pxLgvtKWznKj


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Learn more about Software Development Engineer opportunities for students and new graduates. www.amazon.jobs/student-programs


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Here is our New Video : Gram Babu – Episode 02

Shot by bala
Suhan Ghori

Shot by bala


Rehan Shiek

Written and Directed by

Assistant Director’s


Durga Prasad Dasari

Chinna Vasudev reddy
Sarat Ankit nadimnti


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In this video, I go over an analysis, business update and price forecast for Zynga, which is a mobile gaming company that makes some of the most popular video games in the world. This stock is trading very cheap and investors could be seeing some solid returns in 2022 given the impressive growth rates of this high margin stock. This company competes with Activision (ATVI) and Electronic Arts (EA) stocks but trades at a much cheaper valuation.

Make sure to drop a thumbs up if you found value from this video! Thanks a lot for watching! #StocksFor2022 #BestStocksToBuyNow #ZNGAstock

Instagram: @visceraltrader
Webull Community: @VisceralAce
Twitter: @VisceralTrader7

🔵My Most Recommended Trading/Investing Platform, Webull: https://act.webull.com/it/rHhnCrupRbK…

✅Favorite trading & investing books:
-Trading For A Living (https://www.amazon.com/Trading-Living…)
-Trading In The Zone (https://www.amazon.com/Trading-Zone-C…)
-Stock Market Strategies That Work by Jake Bernstein

DISCLAIMER: This video is NOT an investment advisory, and should not be used to make investment decisions. Information provided on this channel should only be considered for informational purposes. Please be aware when trading stocks, options and futures you can suffer a loss greater than your total account balance. Manage your risk accordingly and do your own due diligence before investing!

0:00 Why This Stock is Undervalued AF
2:13 Why Has $ZNGA Stock Crashed This Year?
4:27 Zynga’s BIG Expectations for 2022
6:18 Where I’m Buying $ZNGA Shares & My Price Targets


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WHATTSAPP per info : 338 8607242
Link del metodo : https://mauriziocarini.it/prodotto/tecnica-e-software-la-piramide-doro/

La Piramide d’oro è una splendida tecnica mensile ( la previsione si ricava all ultima estrazione di ogni mese) e vince di media entro 5-6 colpi
Pone in gioco su 1 ruota :;
1 Estratto determinato
1 ambo secco
1 terno per ambo e terno
1 quaterna per ambo terno e quaterna
La favolosa tecnica da Gennaio 2009 ha conseguito
ottimi successi con i seguenti risultati :
118 ambate totali
47 ambate determinate
88 ambi complessivi
8 terni secchi
20 terni in quaterna
4 quaterne secche


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5 Reasons Why I Love Being a Software Engineer
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If you want to receive one short email from me every week, where I go through a few of the most useful things I have explored and discovered this week. Things like; favourite apps, articles, podcasts, books, coding tips and tricks. Then feel free to join https://kalletech.com/cleancode/

CONTACT: contact@kalletech.com

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TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/kallehallden
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DISCORD: https://discord.gg/BvXYMdVdCz

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Return to your world, Tarnished.

Pre-order #ELDENRING : https://bnent.eu/PreorderEldenRing

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Web: https://www.bandainamcoent.eu
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In this video we go over Elgato Wave Link and how you use it to power your content.
►Learn more: http://e.lga.to/Wave3
▼ Wave:3 Highlights:

►Cardioid Condenser Capsule: capture speech with clarity and detail.
►Wave Link App: control Wave:3 and up to eight other audio sources, plus create two independent mixes.
►24-bit/96kHz Analog-to-Digital Converter: professional broadcast audio quality.
►Proprietary Clipguard Technology: makes distortion virtually impossible.
►Superior Circuitry: seamless sonic transmission throughout the entire signal chain.
►Switchable Low Cut Filter: remove unwanted low-frequency noise.
►Zero-Latency Monitoring: plug headphones into the 3.5 mm jack.
►Capacitive Mute and LED Ring: silence your mic feed upon the lightest touch and see mute status at a glance.
►Multifunctional Control Dial with LED indicators: adjust input gain, monitor volume and mic / PC mix.
►Internal Pop Filter: prevents plosive breath noise and moisture accumulation.
►Adjustable Stand: use the desktop base or mount on a boom arm (adapter included).
►Custom Accessories: shock mount, external pop filter, desktop stand extension rods (sold separately).

►Wave:3 RRP: $159.99 USD | €169.95 | £159.99

▼ Follow Elgato:

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/elgato
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/elgato
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/elgato
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/elgato
Discord: http://www.discord.gg/elgato


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