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Hello guys! This video is talks about how to UNINSTALL Tencent PC Manager. It’s easy to uninstall and it only have some tricky part in the uninstallation. Hope you guys like this video. Don’t forget LIKE my video & SUBSCRIBE my channel XetroTech.

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February 25th, 2016 by divider – Recently when i got my new mac I was pondering on how to uninstall software. Coming from a PC this was usually an easy task but for some unknown reason the mac does not include a feature for easily uninstalling applications. This tutorial will show you how to uninstall applications on your mac with ease. To download the software head on over to


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Completely Uninstall Software On Windows

If you having trouble removing or uninstalling a Antivirus program or any other type of software? then this video is for you. uninstalling a program via Add or Remove programs, or with the program’s uninstaller leaves a lot of remnants behind like folders, temp files, registry entries etc etc. This can cause a lot of issues, so if your having trouble and you want to completely uninstall all traces of a program, just follow this video and I will show you how to remove everything from your operating system.

Remember to backup your system before you start the removal process.


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