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– The quote from Image-Line:

– The open-source 3D production suite:


– Featured open-source DAWs:

– Featured open-source instrument plug-ins:
Oxe FM Synth

– Featured open-source effect plug-ins:


– Featured open-source live looper:


– Featured open-source guitar effects processors:

– Featured open-source sampler:

– Featured open-source synthesizers:

– Featured open-source guitar TAB editor:

– Featured open-source music notation editor:

– Featured proprietary DAWs supporting Linux:

– Featured Linux distributions focused on music production:

AV Linux


– Featured software for preparing bootable USB drives with Linux:

– A guide to installing FL Studio on Linux using WINE:

[Tutorial] How to install FL Studio on Linux. from FL_Studio

– The Free Software Song:

This video was produced exclusively with open-source software and Linux including capture, 3D animation, music, sound effects, editing and compositing.

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– Background music:
unfa – Iridescent (unreleased)

– Software used in the creation of this video:



Now go, make some music!

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