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Ex-Google Tech Lead Patrick Shyu shares 10 years of life as a software engineer (app entrepreneur).

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For further guidance in choosing the correct photo editing software for your travel photography, check this out:

About the video

I get asked all the time about the amount of “photoshopping” that I do. Actually, I don’t even really edit my photos all that hard. However, choosing a good photo editing software is extremely important as a couple small edits make a massive difference. But with so many different image editing products out there, which one is right for you?
In this video, I guide you through the various Adobe photo editing programs and explain a little bit about them. I’ll take you through photoshop elements, photoshop cc, and lightroom 5 as well. Moreover, I’ll give you my thoughts on whether joining the new Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Program, in which you get lightroom and photoshop together, is a good option.
By the end of the video, I hope you’ll have a better indication of which photo editing software you should be using.
This video is photoshop vs. photoshop elements, photoshop vs. lightroom and so on. Of course, I come to the conclusion that you can actually use a variety of the programs rather than sticking with just one.


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Surabhi Gupta first became a user of travel accommodations marketplace Airbnb while she was working as a full-time software engineer at Google. She was so enthusiastic about the product and its promise that she made the switch to working full-time at Airbnb. Colleen Taylor sits down with Gupta to find out what her day to day work life is like at Airbnb and the path she took to her current career.

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Videographer: John Murillo
Producer: Felicia Williams
Reporter: Colleen Taylor


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