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Ex-Google TechLead gives you his top tips for your resume / CV to help you find your dream job. Visit http://brilliant.org/techlead for 20% off the first 200 to sign up!

Did I miss any? Share your resume tips in the comments below and I’ll be sure to highlight them!

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Read more about SAMSUNG Galaxy S20+:
In this video, you can check out the simple way to flash SAMSUNG Galaxy S20+. Follow our step and find the desired firmware for SAMSUNG Galaxy S20+. You can choose the software for your needs by selecting your desired country and carrier. In this tutorial, you can see how to flash SAMSUNG Galaxy S20+. Use the Odin in order to change SAMSUNG Galaxy S20+ with the new firmware.

Firmware Change and Update Tutorial: https://www.hardreset.info/devices/samsung/samsung-galaxy-s20-plus-exynos/faq/firmware-flash/

You can download the firmware by using this SAMSUNG Firmware Database: https://www.hardreset.info/download-firmware/samsung/samsung-galaxy-s20-plus-exynos/codenames/

How to change firmware on SAMSUNG Galaxy S20+? How to choose firmware for SAMSUNG Galaxy S20+? How to change carrier firmware on SAMSUNG Galaxy S20+? How to flash SAMSUNG Galaxy S20+? How to update SAMSUNG Galaxy S20+? How to change software on SAMSUNG Galaxy S20+?


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Heute, am 21.03.2016, um 14 Uhr startet das
MMOGA Ostergewinnspiel
mit folgenden genialen Preisen:

– Acer Predator XB1 24 Zoll Monitor im Wert von 449,99 €
– Xbox One – Elite Controller Wireless im Wert von 179,99 €
– 2 x je ein MMOGA Gutschein im Wert von 500 €

Zusätzlich gibt es die Möglichkeit einen von 20
Wunsch-Gamekeys zu gewinnen.


«Gamekeys & Gamecards günstig bei MMOGA»
► http://mmo.ga/JQ4d




►Den Streamschlüssel findet ihr im
Dashboard eures Twitch Accounts!



«Alle Tutorials»


FlashLP Homepage: http://www.flashlp.de
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/G83Flash
Twitter: https://twitter.com/G83Flash
Twitch.tv: http://de.twitch.tv/g83flash



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THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IF YOU ARE FACING AN AUDIT IS DO NOT CALL THEIR SOFTWARE LAWYERS. CALL US FIRST BEFORE YOU CALL THEM. If you do not know your rights in a software audit you are at a serious disadvantage. They have intellectual property lawyers on their team, and you need to AT LEAST discuss this with a copyright lawyer before trying to handle this yourself. Call us for a FREE initial consultation at (877) 276-5084.


IF YOU NEED SERIOUS ANSWERS IMMEDIATELY go to our main resource center located at www.SoftwareAuditLawyers.com for DETAILED information and resources that will answer most of your questions.

A most helpful checklist of issues can be found here – http://vondranlegal.com/software-audit-checklist/

You should note that we offer low flat rate fees designed to make representation AFFORDABLE and we are here to HELP! There is no substitute for experience in this area of law.

BSA audits can completely disrupt your business, and in fact, bring financial ruin to your company (the letter you received probably threatens $150,000 per infringed work), This can bankrupt many companies especially if there is deemed to be widespread “willful infringement of copyright” (meaning you are installing software that is not properly paid for and YOU KNOW IT).

We can help you examine possible defenses which you can find some of them listed here: http://vondranlegal.com/common-defenses-in-a-bsa-or-autodesk-software-licensing-audit/

You should not simply throw away the letter and hope it goes away. Chances are IT WILL NOT. We have helped many companies that fail to have proper licenses, use crack codes, and who may have inadvertently been using software from big companies like Autodesk, Microsoft, and/or their member companies.

The business software alliance (“BSA”) is NOT law enforcement. They are known as the “software cops” or “software police” to many, but they are not law enforcement. They are an industry trade group that polices the marketplace looking for infringement. They seek monetary settlement and sometimes to implement a software code of ethics on your organization.

You can learn more about the BSA by going to their website – http://www.bsa.org/?sc_lang=en-US

Many times the BSA is tipped off by informants. This can be current or ex-employees, good people and bad (people out to sabotage you because they are not happy). We can help you assess and analyze your case.

When you license software, you agree to a licensing agreement (often called EULA) that can subject you to a internal audit of your company if the BSA or SIIA suspects you are using pirated copies of software.

If you know nothing about copyright law, trust me when I say that a federal copyright lawsuit could very well put you out of business wasting all your hard work you spent to build up your business, architect firm, design business, media company, or other type of business including but not limited to technology businesses and startups.

If you are not sure where your company stands, your should self-audit your business to make sure you are compliant (SAM), and make sure you can prove, to the satisfaction of the BSA or SIIA that you are 100% in compliance.

When you agree to many of the “click wrap” software licensing agreements that so many companies put out there (such as Apple, Adobe, Symantec, Bentley, WinZip, Dell and others put out there) in most cases you will be expected to live up to those agreements. If you are branded a “software pirate” you may have to defend yourself and your company in a federal copyright infringement lawsuit, face a software audit, and there could be criminal copyright criminal charges.

The smart company would be proactive and make sure they have all the licenses on place and proof of purchases from authorized resellers all documented in a nice neat file and keep this in a protected place. We have had one case where we believe the information STOLE the receipts and then filed a piracy complaint against the company. Typically we can get these cases settled at a fair and reasonable amount.

You need to be aware of the possibility of corporate sabotage as some informants find out about rewards on the internet (we even saw an ad posted on the side of facebook to nail your boss) and we believe in many cases software publishers may be offering rewards up to a million dollars to report the unlicensed use of software in your company or organization.

I do not mean to be so alarming, but once you get a demand letter you will undoubtedly feel the pressure and copyrights law are among the most protective (to the copyright holder) than any other laws on the books. So it is smart to not under-estimate the situation. We can help!

Thank you for watching this video. We hope you SUBSCRIBE to our channel!


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Here are 10 essential Windows software that everyone can use.

#1 Flux warms up your computer display at night
#2 PhotoRec recover accidentally deleted files
#3 Eraser completely remove sensitive data
#4 Wizmouse scroll non-active windows
#5 ClipX clipboard history manager
#6 Spotify free music streaming app
#7 MyLockbox hide folders on Windows
#8 PopcornTime Stream movies from torrents
#9 Autohotkey automates keystrokes and mouse clicks
#10 ChromePass steal username and passwords

[Useful links]
Useful Software for Windows Computer http://receivetipstricks.com/useful-windows-software/

How to get Spotify outside US and UK

Wallpaper and thumbnail from


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http://www.guru99.com. This tutorial describes test case designing and importance of its various components


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Want all of our free Android App Programming videos? Download our free iOS app at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/video-training-courses-from/id418130423?mt=8

More details on this Android Development training can be seen at http://www.infiniteskills.com/training/learning-android-app-programming.html This clip is one example from the complete course. For more free app development tutorials please visit out our main website. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/OreillyMedia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OReilly/?fref=ts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OReillyMedia
Website: http://www.oreilly.com/


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This is an informative video on the CX-20 and its software options.
Ive gone through the loops of software problems and Ive found a solution.
Below is the link for the Big Shark software, Its easy and has worked on my windows 7, and windows 8 computers.
The other two versions can use droid planner and other software.

New Big Shark Software link;


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We are embarking on a project to build a motion detecting CCTV camera. In part one of this series, we use a raspberry pi to write a python e-mail notification program.
=#=#=#= Important Links =#=#=#=
Project Page – http://tinkernut.com/yCPIx
Citadel Software – http://www.citadel.org
=#=#=#= Become a Patron =#=#=#=
=#=#=#= Submit your ideas =#=#=#=
=#=#=#= Support the show =#=#=#=
=#=#=#= Follow =#=#=#=


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http://www.livetechau.com – Recently when i got my new mac I was pondering on how to uninstall software. Coming from a PC this was usually an easy task but for some unknown reason the mac does not include a feature for easily uninstalling applications. This tutorial will show you how to uninstall applications on your mac with ease. To download the software head on over to http://bit.ly/appcleanerlink


Facebook: http://goo.gl/6K8e5
Daniel on Twitter: http://twitter.com/daniel___elias
Live Tech Australia on Twitter: http://twitter.com/livetechau
Instagram: http://instagram.com/daniel_elias
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+livetechaustralia

Live Tech Australia is Australia’s premiere outlet for technology.
Focusing on consumer electronics, news coverage, reviews, tutorials and more on YouTube.


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