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There are a lot of experiments and improvements working their way into 3D printing software for 2014. Some software packages master slicing speeds, some create amazing supports, and others handle top layers best.

In 3dhacker’s experiments, Simplify3D comes out on top with beautiful finished prints, lightning fast slicing, a developed model preview option, and a great print interface.

Simplify3D is slightly unknown to the 3D Printing masses however it’s ready to use with loads of 3D printers currently in the market. Great job Simplify3D!


3D Printing Showcase:

Hogan Grip – 03 – Stance Gives You Balance


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This is a demonstration and review of Simplify3D v2.0.1. Many of the software options available are free, but this one costs $140 (US) and they don’t offer an evaluation version. Hopefully, this video will help you to understand what you’d be buying.

To purchase Simplify3D visit:

Simplify3D Software

For more information, please visit:


Intro and Closing Music: http://www.purple-planet.com


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