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Need a free VPN? Check out the top 5 free VPN services for 2016 in this video.

In this video I will list and review the 5 best free VPN providers.



Best Budget Laptops 2016:

Best Free Antivirus 2016:

Best Free Music For YouTubers 2016:


1. CyberGhost VPN

2. VPN Gate

3. SurfEasy

4. TunnelBear

5. VyprVPN



Amazon Store:




Music: Silent Partner – Don’t Look
Source: YouTube Audio Library


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We are embarking on a project to build a motion detecting CCTV camera. In part one of this series, we use a raspberry pi to write a python e-mail notification program.
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This delivery contains over 9000 copies of a proof of concept exploit demonstrating the ability for an attacker to gain unauthorized control of any machine running the Impero Software range, effectively allowing them to spy on children.

Based on evidence that Impero is unable to take security disclosures seriously, and the ineptitude of the engineers involved, it would be inappropriate for Impero to continue working in the education sector and this calls for the immediate termination of Impero as a company and its product offering.

Complaints have been raised with the appropriate agencies in view of holding the directors of this company responsible for their actions. Furthermore, contact will be made with every school in the country warning them of the dangers of using Impero products and highlighting their failures to protect children, whilst providing them with a list of alternative products, produced by companies which, in contrast, have a track record of taking child protection seriously.


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Author Grady Booch provides an audio recording of his On Computing column, in which he discusses how computing amplifies the actions of governments, but can also temper its behavior by enabling mechanisms for private communication as well as for open and transparent communication by the people of a nation. Similarly, governments can help focus the artifacts of computing to the health and happiness of its citizens, but temper it as well. Subscribe to the On Computing podcast on iTunes at From IEEE Software’s May/June 2015 issue: Visit IEEE Software:


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We spoke to Mike Burke – Head of Software Engineering at our Brough site, to find out what it means to be a software engineer in Military Air and Information.


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We hope to unite the different forces that aim for more privacy and security such as the older and upcoming software projects, scientists, activists and others. Here is a helpful overview including a part of the following projects that considers the layer they serve.


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January 24th, 2016 by divider

Despite billions spent on improving security in companies, breaches still happen and information is stolen. What if there was a better way? What if working with hackers could result in more security holes closed than ever before, making it harder for criminals to steal information. HackerOne is working to make that better way a reality.


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These are the videos from DerbyCon 4:


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