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SDKs serve as the “toolboxes” programmers use to build cool applications. But what does that mean, really?


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Interview in deutscher Sprache mit Walter Diggelmann, Gründer und Geschäftsführer von ai-one. Walt beschreibt die Funktion und Bedeutung von „Biologisch inspirierter Intelligenz” und wie diese Technologie Computern ermöglicht zu lernen wie Menschen. Die Technologie wird ein über ein einfache Schnittstelle „Application Programming Interface” (API) angeboten. Jeder Programmierer kann mit dem ai-one Konzept intelligente Software entwickeln. Brainup nutzt die ai-one-Technologie.

Interview in German with Walter Diggelmann, founder and managing director of ai-one. Walt describes the function and meaning of. “Biologically-Inspired Intelligence” and how this technology enables computers to learn like humans. The technology is a simple interface with an “Application Programming Interface” (API). Any programmer can develop intelligent software using ai-one technology. Brainup uses the ai-one technology.


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Software development kit or SDK is a kit which acts as a platform to start building and developing your application. The package contains normally 3 things, which are explained by Hooman in the video:
-Integrated Development Environment: is code editor which allows you to write and edit code. Such as android studio, ios xcode, windows 8 visual studio.
-Build tools: you can use the build tools to build the code into binary package, which can be turned into an app which can then be uploaded.
-Performance tools: these include tools for measuring performance, bug finding and also memory leak finding.

In the video Hooman explains that, Android studios for Android supported devices, iOS xcode for apple devices, visual studios for windows 8 devices, are popular Software Development Kits, which allow for the user to develop software for each of the relevant devices respectively. Leap Motion is a company which offers motion tracking software and hardware, allowing users to be able to “touch” in 3D interfect. They also offer a Software Development Kit, the kit has a 3D touch interface. The kit offered by Leap Motion also includes both the software as well as the hardware. So it is made easier for developers.
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