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Pixelwarp is a software tool for geometric correction (warping) and edge blending of full screen realtime
applications. The software is simply manipulated through control points, aligning the projected
display to the screen surface.
Whilst designed for curved screen displays and applications, Pixelwarp also aids the projector
alignment process of non-planar and off-axis displays.

WHAT DOES Pixelwarp DO?
Pixelwarp corrects imagery for projecting:
onto non-planar screen shapes such as curved screen displays and from unusual angles
•Create seamless image from multiple projectors (up to 3 projectors on a single PC)
•Edge blend multiple projectors.
•Play HD media with internal media player.
•Play HD media thought capture cards / TV cards.
•Generates overlap regions from external DVI capture inputs.
•Performs all scaling and conversion automatically.

WHERE CAN I USE Pixelwarp?
Pixelwarp is a versatile software tool that can be used to:
•align movies onto curved and non-planar screens
•align and edge blend multi-projector displays
•align and edge blend curved screen displays

WHY CHOOSE Pixelwarp?
Pixelwarp delivers next generation performance by leveraging the power of the Graphics Processing
Unit (GPU) in the host computer.
•Resolution is only limited to that provided by the GPU
•No need to reconfigure for different resolutions
•Low latency
The user interface is easy to use, providing:
•Simple mouse and keyboard operation
•Real-time responsiveness
•Configuration of complex displays in minutes
yet under the hood lies a powerful and sophisticated system. Some of the features include:
•Multi-display support.
•External graphics adapter support.
•Controls External audio with ASIO based sound cards.
•Nine quick recall presets and auto-recall on power feature.
•Media Automatic Play-list Support.
•Has gamma control for edge blend.
•Matrox TripleHead2Go support.
•Unique elastic video mode for fast media to curved Screens.
•Controller learn feature including Midi controllers.


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This is a tutorial on how to use the REW acoustic measurement program to make in-room measurements of your home theater system. This guide will teach you what you need to assemble a cost effective and highly accurate room analyzing system using your PC, free license of REW, a USB powered microphone and accessory cables. We go over the various measurement options REW offers and how to use them effectively to make accurate measurements.

Download the latest version of REW here:

Recommended Measurement Gear and Cables:
Dayton Audio UMM-6 USB Microphone:
15 foot 4K HDR HDMI Cable:

Recommended AV Components for 5.1.4 Atmos System:
Marantz SR7013 9.2CH Atmos/DTS:X AV Receiver:
SVS 5.1 Prime Speaker System:
2 pairs SVS Elevation Speakers:
Amazon FireStick 4K:

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