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Every content and media industry, including film, TV, radio, gaming, software, music, publishing and news, has been severely impacted by the explosive growth of the Internet and the empowerment of the hyper-connected consumer. The move from a pre-internet broadcast culture to a broadband culture has changed pretty much everything, from economic models and their underlying business logic to the very definition of copyright and fair use, according to media futurist Gerd Leonhard.

Leonhard, described by the Wall Street Journal as one of the world’s leading media futurists, shared his bold predictions for the future of the media and content industries with nearly 500 people yesterday as part of ictQATAR’s Connected Speakers Series.


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Wiznotes Note Taking Software available free to college students at:

A Possible Solution To ‘A Vision of Students Today’.
This video is intended to address issues raised in the video by Dr. Michael Wesch, assistant professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State University entitled, ‘A Vision of Students Today’ (http://youtube.com/watch?v=dGCJ46vyR9o&feature=related).
That original video is quoted several times and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

This video is not intended to sell any product or services. It is intended to raise thought provoking questions. All comments will be appreciated.


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This video was made by me and my team-mate Leo Gan in order to accomplish our video-presentation assignment for Online Advertising course in University of Queensland, Australia.

Leo worked out the narration script and I worked out the animation. It is the Leo’s voice who give the explanation in the video. The video itself consist of several videos plus presentation slides.

We use Camtasia and Microsoft Power Point to worked out this assignment.


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To learn more about Terra Dotta, visit http://www.terradotta.com today!


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Please watch: “CHRISTMAS Q&A! – Your Disturbing Questions…”
➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0dOwpiBXjs

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Here are some of the best, free 3D design programs available

Blender – 3D Art Creation and Animation, similar to 3DS or Maya
Sweet Home 3D – Home layout and interior design tool
BRL CAD – CAD and solid modeling program, 2D/3D
Free CAD – Simple CAD prgram, 2D/3D
SketchUp – 3D solid modeling, easy to use

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