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Tesla News: Hacker Leaks Tesla Self Driving Software.

Just to remind you of the importance of having Tesla’s sentry mode and dash cam in your vehicle. So, make sure the drive is connected if you don’t already have one, but fortunately, Tesla now includes them by default. In Louisiana, a police department recently arrested a person for falsely claiming he was hit by a Tesla. According to him, a model 3’s rear ended him, causing him to complain of back, leg, and neck injuries and to request the aid of the authorities, an ambulance, and a fire truck. He added that when the model 3 back ended him, the owner fled the scene. Meanwhile, according to the police, the Tesla driver had an entirely different story that would have been difficult to resolve. But the good thing was, the Tesla driver had the rear camera recording the event. And upon reviewing the video evidence, the person clearly acted like he had been hit and dropped to the ground after the car had stopped. Then, he admitted to lying after seeing the video and was arrested for “False swearing with the intent to cause an emergency response”. This makes the dash cam system in Tesla’s a spectacular feature, as it was able to reveal the truth in this situation even though no one was hurt. In addition, Tesla’s model s plaid was rated as the fastest car they have ever tested twitter by Edmunds. But it appears now that this entire review has been released and they have a negative assessment of the car on every level. As paraphrased on twitter, Tesla says the plaid is nothing more than a marketing exercise to draw attention to an out-of-date car, while the yoke is a joke. Furthermore, they also said, paraphrasing their review of the fastest car they’ve ever tested, that it is a car that would be best suited for motor racing. This may work for you if you live near a drag strip. As we all know, there’s nothing wrong with people expressing a different opinion, but it’s remarkably different from just about every other review of this car, even from well-known sources like Doug Demiro. In other words, they are trying to make a quickest battery powered zero emission car that happens to be 130,000 battery batteries practical for most drivers. Obviously, not every single driver will find it beneficial, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. As with any new technology, the yoke is controversial, and Musk discussed this on Twitter in the second week of September. And just like many of his contemporaries, he does not want to do the same with his cars. It does not mean that steering wheels won’t change just because that’s what we’ve been used to through muscle memory. And the question of whether the yoke had any practical purpose or if it just looked cool was put to Elon. And he responded in paraphrased, a round wheel blocks FSD on a panoramic display and a yoke looks way better in that mode. And he merely mentions that the regular wheel is the same as it has been for years, blocking your view more than using a yoke, but does not elaborate about its function. And it would be interesting to see whether something has happened with Tesla. Also, this may make the yoke stronger, be more comfortable or put your back in a better position while driving. Or it may just look cool and be different enough to get attention. Elon Musk posted on Twitter a few hours after Edmund said what he did about the yoke that the Model S sped up at the Nurburgring taking the world speed record for a production electric car. And this vehicle was completely stock and unmodified.

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