March 2nd, 2016 by divider

Millions of people have had the opportunity to cast a vote online over the last decade. From North America to Australia, all of them have something in common: they trust Java and open source. The new online voting solutions deeply rely on Java EE full stack and open source tools to meet all the requirements of an important event such as an election. Come to this session to learn why governments prefer open source over proprietary solutions, including well-known trendy technologies such as Apache TomEE, Docker, or Apache Mesos.

Alex Soto Bueno, Software Engineer, CloudBees
Alex is a software engineer architect at Scytl Secure Electronic Voting. He is a passionate of Java world and he believes in the open source software model. Alex is the creator of NoSQLUnit project and team member of Arquillian, Asciidoctor and Apache TomEE. He is a member of JSR374 (Java API for JSON Processing) Expert Group and curator of Currently Alex is co-writing a book for Manning (Arquillian in Action) and he is an international speaker presenting his talks at software conferences like Devoxx, Codemotion, JavaLand, JavaZone or GeeCon.


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