February 1st, 2016 by divider

A proposal for Malaysian Government about the internet and handphone devices.

Few weeks ago i went to Malaysia and i was visited saveral conferences and i saw one of the MP’s talking about social media and facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. and i was very faccinated by this MP and the gentleman is telling that whenever he goes to any location he want his people of this area to come and meet him, he simply tweets and many people actually come and show up, so the idea which i have is that he should train all the MPs of the Malaysian Parlliament and other parliaments to use the small device which is mobile or Black Berry. The is to make sure that all the MPs are able to check their own emails themselves when they need it on their Black berry and on any otherdevice, once this is done, the MP will be able to watch youtube on phone, check his email, tweet, use facebook to see what’s going on in their constituency and become more efficient.


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