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In this video I show the new gimbal (BGC 2.2 based) that I will fit to the new Hexcopter I am building for aerial photography. This particular one was bought from eBay for less than £46 and came complete with the control board and brushless motors.

The very basic paper instructions that came with this gimbal can be downloaded from

For a link to the drivers page visit

For a link to the BaseCam board software visit

In this video I show the board and explain the connectors, features and software/drivers you will need to configure any setting on the 2.2b2 8 bit version of the firmware that comes on this board. One setting in particular is useful to reduce/remove the amount of buzzing or humming that you may get from the gimbal in operation.

In addition I also show how to connect the gimbal to a receiver to control pitch and roll manually using a transmitter.

I hope this makes it easier for those of you who are looking at this. In summary – it’s cheap and cheerful and not as powerful as some of the newer 32bit versions of the board but it does the job and is a great starter gimbal.

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Happy flying!


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