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What’s the difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering majors? Watch this video to find out!

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Computer Science Degree is all about Science and Software Engineering Degree is All About Engineering.

Engineering vs Science Degree First:
Science is More Harder than Engineering Because in Science You Try Do a Lot of Research and Be Maths Ninja Where Engineering is about Building and You Only Need Be Good at Maths.
I Hate Science So Science is Not My Taste.

Computer Science Degree:
In CS Degree Short for Computer Science You Will Learn
Calculus, Operating Systems Development, Discrete Maths, Data Mining , Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Finally Algorithms.

After You Graduate from Computer Science Degree You Will Develop Drivers for Windows and Make Computers Run Faster.

Software Engineering Degree:
In SE Degree You Will Be Learning Web Programming, C++ or Java, OOP, MVC , Software Management Which Will Lead You Job Title as a Software Engineer or Software Developer in Which You Will Be Developing Desktop Software.

I Will Say Go For Software Engineering Major If You Wants Less MATHS But If You Love Maths than Go for Computer Science Major.

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