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Technology does not exist in a vacuum. In the same way that a plant needs water and nourishment to grow, technology needs people and process to thrive and succeed. Culture (i.e., people and process) is integral and critical to the success of any new technology deployment or implementation.

Big data is not just a technology phenomenon. It has a cultural dimension. It’s vitally important to remember that most people have not considered the immense difference between a world seen through the lens of a traditional relational database system and a world seen through the lens of a Hadoop Distributed File System.This paper broadly describes the cultural challenges that accompany efforts to create and sustain big data initiatives in an evolving world whose data management processes are rooted firmly in traditional data warehouse architectures.

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Die Autoren führen in das Gebiet der relationalen (SQL) und nicht-relationalen (NoSQL) Datenbanken ein. Themenschwerpunkte in der 8. Auflage bilden Datenmanagement, Datenmodellierung, Abfrage- und Manipulationssprachen, Konsistenzgewährung, Datenschutz und -Sicherheit, Systemarchitektur, Mehrbenutzerbetrieb. Das Buch bietet außerdem einen Überblick über postrelationale und nicht-relationale Datenbanksysteme. Neben klassischen Konzepten werden wichtige Aspekte für NoSQL-Datenbanken erläutert, wie das Verfahren Map/Reduce, Verteilungsoptionen (Fragmente, Replikation) oder das CAP-Theorem (Consistency, Availability, Partition Tolerance). Eine Webseite ergänzt den Inhalt des Buches durch Tutorien für Abfrage- und Manipulationssprachen (SQL, Cypher), Übungsumgebungen für Datenbanken (MySQL, Neo4j) sowie zwei Fallstudien zu travelblitz (OpenOffice Base, Neo4j). Das Buch richtet sich sowohl an Studierende, die eine Einführung in das Gebiet der SQL- und NoSQL-Datenbanken suchen, wie auch an Praktiker, denen es hilft, Stärken und Schwächen relationaler Ansätze sowie Entwicklungen für Big-Data-Anwendungen besser einschätzen zu können.

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Get comprehensive coverage of all the powerful new features of MySQL, one of the fastest–and free–relational databases in use today. Written in conjunction with the MySQL development team, this expert resource covers transactional integrity, disaster recovery, scalability, support for mobile users, Web-based and client/server programming, and much more.

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Beginning PHP and MySQL: From Novice to Professional, Third Edition offers a comprehensive introduction to two of the most prominent open-source technologies on the planet: the PHP scripting language and the MySQL database server. Updated to introduce the features found in MySQL’s most significant release to date, readers will learn how to take advantage of the features of both technologies to build powerful, manageable, and stable web applications.

Essentially three books in one, readers will not only profit from extensive introductions to the core features of each technology, but also learn how to effectively integrate the two in order to build robust data-driven applications. Packed with practical examples and insight into the real-world challenges faced by developers based on author W. Jason Gilmore‘s seven years of expertise working with these technologies, readers will repeatedly return to this book as both a valuable instructional tool and reference guide.

What you’ll learn

  • The PHP language
  • How to back your web site with MySQL
  • Templating so that you can apply a consistent design across all pages on your site
  • How to authenticate your web site users
  • How to use cookies to maintain information (such as items in a shopping cart) while a user is browsing your site

Who this book is for

This book is written for developers seeking to take advantage of the PHP language and MySQL database to create powerful web applications.

Used Book in Good Condition

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SOFTWARE ENGINEERING ESSENTIALS Volume I: The Development Process FOURTH EDITION A multi- text software engineering course or courses (based on the 2013 IEEE SWEBOK) for undergraduate and graduate university students A self-teaching IEEE CSDP/CADA certificate exam training course based on the Computer Society’s CSDP exam specifications These software engineering books serves two separate but connected audiences and roles: 1. Software engineers who wish to study for and pass either or both of the IEEE Computer Society’s software engineering certification exams. The Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP) and is awarded to software engineers who have 5 to 7 years of software development experience and pass the CSDP exam. This certification was instituted in 2001 and establishes that the certificate holder is a competent software engineer in most areas of software engineering such as: • Software project manager • Software developer • Software configuration manager • Software quality-assurance expert • Software test lead • And so forth The other certificate is for recent software engineering graduates or self-taught software engineers and is designated Certified Software Development Associate (CDSA). The CSDA also requires passing an exam, but does not require any professional experience. 2. University students who are taking (or reading) a BS or MS degree in software engineering, or practicing software engineers who want to update their knowledge. This book was written as a guide to help software engineers take and pass the IEEE CSDP exam. However several reviewers commented that this book would also make a good university text book for a undergraduate or graduate course in software engineering. So the original books were modified to be applicable to both tasks. The SWEBOK (Software Engineering Body of Knowledge) is a major milestone in the development and publicity of software engineering technology. However it needs to be noted that SWEBOK was NOT developed as a software engineering tutorial or textbook. The SWEBOK is intended to catalog software engineering concepts, not teach them. The new, three-volume, fourth edition, Software Engineering Essentials, by Drs. Richard Hall Thayer and Merlin Dorfman attempts to fill this void (you are now reading Volume I). This new software engineering text expands on and replaces the earlier two-volume, third-edition, Software Engineering books which was also written by Thayer and Dorfman and published by the IEEE Computer Society Press [2006]. These new Volumes I and II offer a complete and detailed overview of software engineering as defined in IEEE SWEBOK 2013. These books provide a thorough analysis of software development in requirements analysis, design, coding, testing, and maintenance, plus the supporting processes of configuration management, quality assurance, verification and validation, and reviews and audits. To keep up with evolution of the software industry (as expressed through evolution of the SWEBOK Guide, CSDP/CSDA, and the curriculum guidelines) a third volume in the Soft-ware Engineering series is needed. This third volume contains: • Software Engineering Measurements • Software Engineering Economics • Computer Foundations • Mathematics Foundations • Engineering Foundations This three-volume, Software Engineering Essentials series, provides an overview snapshot of the software state of the practice in a form that is a lot easier to digest than the SWEBOK Guide. The three-volume set is also a valuable reference (useful well beyond undergraduate and graduate software engineering university programs) that provides a concise survey of the depth and breadth of software engineering. These new KAs exist so that software engineers can demonstrate a mastery of scientific technology and engineering. This is in answer to the criticism of software engineering that it does not contain enough engineering to qualify it as an engineering discipline.

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William Johnston–an authority on fourteenth century spirituality and specifically on the writings of this unknown author–provides a substantive and accessible introduction detailing what is known about the history of this text and its relevance throughout the ages. Also included here is the author’s other principal work, The Book of Privy Counseling–a short and moving text on the way to enlightenment through a total loss of self and consciousness only of the divine.

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All 15 of Bach’s Two-Part Inventions have been transcribed for solo guitar! Providing a wealth of technical and musical challenges, these transcriptions are perfect for improving sight-reading skills and can be ideal new additions to the performance repertoire of any serious musician.Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.
With True Enhanced Performance.
Latest Technical Development.

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Fully updated for the latest JavaScript standard and featuring a new chapter on HTML5 and jQuery

JavaScript: A Beginner’s Guide shows how to create dynamic Web pages complete with special effects using today’s leading Web development language. With the growth of HTML 5, JavaScript is expected to grow even more to script the canvas element, add drag and drop functionality, and more. This fast-paced tutorial provides step-by-step coverage of the fundamentals, including variables, functions, operators, event handlers, objects, arrays, strings, and forms. The book then moves to more advanced techniques, including debugging, accessibility, and security. This pedagogically rich, hands-on guide explains how JavaScript works with HTML 5 and covers the new features available in JavaScript.

  • Key Skills & Concepts–Chapter-opening lists of specific skills covered in the chapter
  • Ask the Expert–Q & A sections filled with bonus information and helpful tips
  • Try This–Hands-on exercises that show you how to apply your skills
  • Notes–Extra information related to the topic being covered
  • Tips–Helpful reminders or alternate ways of doing things
  • Self-Tests–End-of-chapter reviews to test your knowledge
  • Annotated syntax–Example code with commentary that describes the programming techniques being illustrated
  • Code downloads provided for projects in the book

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Attention startups!

Earn abundant passive income the smart way

Startup success secrets revealed

Are you thinking of beginning a business venture and developing your service or product?

This needs quick and efficient work, quality, innovation, and convenience.

With limited resources and plenty of competition, racing your competitor to the market is a rough path to handle at best times.

What business strategy would you use to give the push your start up needs?

The big problem here is, as a startup you are short on funds. Hence hiring new and expert talent can be difficult.

The alternative

Outsourcing talent is by far an effective and efficient solution for businesses, especially in the startup stage. Many companies have used outsourcing to gain stronghold in their field.

– Skype had used a developers’ team from Estonia to set up their business.

– MYSQL had most of its staff outsourced to manage operations in every location.

– Klout had depended on outsourced developers for setting up its technology.

A cost effective solution

Outsourcing is the current trend driving startups to success, whether it is bringing talent from outside or using virtual homegrown experts.

The advantages are aplenty:

-Low cost

-Knowledgeable skills

-Fast growth

This Book will guide you through

– Outsourcing, its categories, benefits, and on how to outsource. It will help startups begin on the right footing and gain solid ground in business.

– The information provided will give the impetus startups need.

– You will find earning passive income is the smart way to do business and reap huge profits.

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