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Everything you wanted to know about the UP! 3D Printing Software but were afraid to ask! I didn’t expect this to take so long…

If you have an UP! (or Afinia) printer you MUST use use their software. It is easy to use but does have a few quirks. If you have an UP printer, I highly recommend sitting through this video. If you don’t… well It won’t be much use to you!

The version I go through in this video is 2.15 available from HERE: http://www.pp3dp.com/index.php?option=com_jdownloads&Itemid=90&view=viewcategory&catid=1


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Here is a list of my top 5 soft synths I use day in and day out in my productions. Enjoy:

Lennar Digital Sylenth1: http://www.lennardigital.com/modules/sylenth1/
Sonic Academy ANA.: http://www.sonicacademy.com/SonicXtra/ANA+Synth/
Revel Sound Spire: http://www.reveal-sound.com/
Sonic Academy Kick: http://www.sonicacademy.com/kick
Tone2 Gladiator: https://tone2.com/html/gladiator%202%20vsti%20au%20synthesizer.html

Feel free to ask me any question on the soft synths above.

Thanks for watching! leave your questions in the comments and don’t forget to like and fav this vid if you… liked it 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=imamusicmogul



tumblr: http://imamusicmogul.tumblr.com/
twitter: https://twitter.com/imamusicmogul




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This is the actual best free editing software for YouTube!

Now go make some quality ass YouTube Content! XD

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— https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve —


Q – Can’t install / QuickTime ( qt decoder failed).

A – Reinstall and download QuickTime from apples website.

Q – Why aren’t my video files showing up?

A – Drag the video file directly into the media pool (from your file explorer) or if that doesn’t work convert it to another format ( MP4 with the h.264 codec ).

Q – Choppy Playback / Crashing

A – Select DNxHR LB under optimize media and cache frames / check if ram or cpu is bottlenecking.

Q – How do I add audio files?

A – Convert them to .wav format.

Q – Can’t export using the settings in the video.

A – My small mistake try using Quicktime/MPEG4

Music – https://youtu.be/9X_6LkLHUkw


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Here are some awesome 2D animation software that are free to download and use. I was able to reuse works from various artists here on Youtube and would like to thank them for releasing their work under the Creative Commons License.

Attribution for video sources used in this video:






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You can find more info and download links at http://tjfree.com/


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Please watch: “SUPERHOT – Funny Moments!”
→ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40htNh4fkZA

Subscribe: http://goo.gl/uTmHAE
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/abelitetv
Twitter: http://goo.gl/WMj5NZ
Google+: http://goo.gl/CPH8Tk

Dxtory: http://exkode.com/products-en.html
Fraps: http://www.fraps.com/
Action: http://mirillis.com/en/products/action.html


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Main Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/nilssonsilveus

I tell you all the best (and worst) PC Video Game recording software’s.
Camtasia Studio: http://www.camtasiasoftware.com/camtasia/index-camtasia-studio-us.htm
Fraps: http://www.fraps.com
Hypercam: http://www.hyperionics.com/hc/
Xfire: http://www.xfire.com/
WeGame: http://www.wegame.com/

best video game recording software silveus funny camtasia studio fraps hypercam xfire wegame


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The software is called Textowav and can be downloaded here:
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Hey guys,
I noticed recently that I’ve been finding a lot of awesome stuff for free, legally, like music and 3D software, so I thought I’d share, because who doesn’t like free stuff? I know that many of you probably just download stuff anyways, but it feels good sometimes to get things legit, and it also feels good not to have to spend any money, so this is the best of both worlds.

Software covered:
DAZ 3D Studio
Posing and dressing software, powerful because of being able to deform the figure, while keeping UVs and clothes intact.

Vue 9 Pioneer
Powerful landscape generating software, with the ability to sculpt land, add water, vegetation, and skies.

Intuitive sculpting and painting software, that’s very easy to use, featuring dynamic tessellation.

Modelling and animation package, which includes built in sculpting, compositing, and game engine.

Project Photofly (Now 123D Catch)
Cloud-based software that creates a 3D mesh from photos.


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Here are some video editing software recommendations for creating your YouTube videos.

Basic Video Editing Programs (Free) are followed :-

YouTube Video Editor (PC/Mac) http://youtube.com/editor – YouTube’s very own video editor. It’s very basic and okay to use as a beginner, but I don’t recommend using it for too long because of the lack of features and the fact it’s an online editor.

Windows Movie Maker (PC) indows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-live/movie-maker – Free video editor for Windows users. It works well and is recommended for beginners who are just diving into video editing. Very basic. Better than the YouTube editor but don’t expect too much.

iMovie (Mac) http://apple.com/mac/imovie – An easy to use video editor for Mac users. iMovie has a good amount of features built into it and can be used as your go-to editor for a very long time. A lot of YouTubers use this. I used it for years. Highly recommended.

LightWorks (PC/Mac) http://lwks.com – I personally haven’t used
LightWorks, but it is talked about a lot as being one of the best free video editing programs for Mac and Windows users. Try it out and see what all the fuss is about. You might like it.

Professional Video Editing Programs (Paid) are followed :-

Camtasia (PC/Mac) ► http://amzn.to/1D95wCN – Camtasia is a bit pricy, but it is nice to have because not only does it perform as a good video editing program, but it also has the ability to record your computer screen. It’s good for intermediate users who want more features than the basic free video editing programs.

ScreenFlow (Mac) ► http://amzn.to/1wXZNPs – ScreenFlow is a fantastic video editor which also has the ability record your computer screen like Camtasia. For Mac users I highly recommend ScreenFlow. It’s easy to use, and it’s pretty affordable. I still use it to make a lot of my YouTube videos.

MoviePlus X6(Windows) ► http://www.serif.com/movieplus/ – Edit your videos with MoviePlus X6. Its powerful, yet easy-to-use, editing tools and studio-quality effects will help you to create stunning movies in minutes. Burn HD videos to Blu-ray Disc or DVD, or upload your movies to the web and share them with friends, family, or the world.

Adobe Premiere Pro (PC/Mac) ► http://adobe.com/products/premiere.html – Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most powerful video editing programs for Mac and Windows. If you want the most features then think about going with this. It’s more difficult to learn, but it’s one of the most popular professional video editors available.

Final Cut Pro (Mac) ► http://apple.com/final-cut-pro – Final Cut Pro X is what I use for most of my YouTube videos. If you’re on a Mac and you’ve been using iMovie but you want the next step up, then I’d recommend going to Final Cut Pro. It’s layout is similar to iMovie, and it’s easier to learn than Adobe Premiere Pro in my opinion. It’ll give you a ton of features that will make it possible to create some very professional looking videos.

Sony Vegas (PC) ► http://amzn.to/1AVELjs – This is a very popular video editing program among YouTubers. Some people swear by it. I’ve personally never used it, but from what I’ve heard it’s a great choice for PC users who want a feature-packed editor.



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