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This video tutorial is all about Best Audio Recording Software for Windows PC.

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These are 10 best free software for your computer that are very useful. Beginning with this edition of the “Free Software” series and future episodes to come, we’ll take a look at the best free and open source programs for your computer. In short, when you see the term “open-source software”, it means that it’s source-code is freely available for users to inspect, modify, and distribute the software to anyone for any reason. With so many free and open-source programs that are actually great, in this video I will show you 10 of our personal favorites that we think are the most useful, many of which you’ve heard me discuss before on this channel. They’re all well-established, trusted and completely free.

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“Free Software” Series

OBS Studio (Beginners Guide)

VirtualBox (Beginners Guide)

0:38 Office Suite
1:25 Web Browser
2:03 Screen Recorder
2:42 Video Editor
3:35 Graphics Editor
4:46 Screenshot Tool
5:47 3D Creation
6:23 Text Editor
6:55 Media Player
7:21 Virtualizer



Mozilla Firefox
OBS Studio
Tor Browser
VLC Media Player



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Most Useful Free Software Every Computer user Must Know | Use Phone as Webcam Windows 10 – is video mein hum ne bataya hai Most Useful Free Software ke Bare me Computer me Es Software se App Online Vedio Call kar sate hain Aur Free Software se Phone Ko kaise Webcam ki tahar Use karte hai Agar aapko Phone to Webcam Convert krna nahi aata hai aur aap sikhna Chahte Hain Gphone ko webcam kaise banaye to ye video aapki bahut kaam aayega

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Everything you wanted to know about the UP! 3D Printing Software but were afraid to ask! I didn’t expect this to take so long…

If you have an UP! (or Afinia) printer you MUST use use their software. It is easy to use but does have a few quirks. If you have an UP printer, I highly recommend sitting through this video. If you don’t… well It won’t be much use to you!

The version I go through in this video is 2.15 available from HERE:


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Here is a list of my top 5 soft synths I use day in and day out in my productions. Enjoy:

Lennar Digital Sylenth1:
Sonic Academy ANA.:
Revel Sound Spire:
Sonic Academy Kick:
Tone2 Gladiator:

Feel free to ask me any question on the soft synths above.

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This is the actual best free editing software for YouTube!

Now go make some quality ass YouTube Content! XD

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Q – Can’t install / QuickTime ( qt decoder failed).

A – Reinstall and download QuickTime from apples website.

Q – Why aren’t my video files showing up?

A – Drag the video file directly into the media pool (from your file explorer) or if that doesn’t work convert it to another format ( MP4 with the h.264 codec ).

Q – Choppy Playback / Crashing

A – Select DNxHR LB under optimize media and cache frames / check if ram or cpu is bottlenecking.

Q – How do I add audio files?

A – Convert them to .wav format.

Q – Can’t export using the settings in the video.

A – My small mistake try using Quicktime/MPEG4

Music –


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Here are some awesome 2D animation software that are free to download and use. I was able to reuse works from various artists here on Youtube and would like to thank them for releasing their work under the Creative Commons License.

Attribution for video sources used in this video:






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You can find more info and download links at


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Please watch: “SUPERHOT – Funny Moments!”




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Main Channel:

I tell you all the best (and worst) PC Video Game recording software’s.
Camtasia Studio:

best video game recording software silveus funny camtasia studio fraps hypercam xfire wegame


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The software is called Textowav and can be downloaded here:
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