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After living with Tesla 2021.44.6 software release for the past week (and also with 2021.44.5), on my Tesla Model Y LR, I give you the nuances and quirks after one week of testing.

Sometimes it is best to wait a while before doing a video on a new software release from Tesla. In my Tesla Model Y, I found this release to be quite stable, and it added a couple nice features for Tesla owners. Many owners complained that the previous Tesla version 2021.40.6 introduced additional problems with phantom braking, but I am happy to report improvements with this release!

I love the new unlock feature and separate Tesla profiles the best in this software version. That’s the big Tesla news for this release.

Got a Tesla Model 3 or other Tesla? Let me know in the comments how well this software performed in your car, or if you got additional features.


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