Startup Launcher: Handbook to shape your entrepreneurship dream.


A Handbook to Help you from Compliance’s to Projections. It will assist and help out the startups and SME in complying with the various legal aspects of doing business in India .More over it will give the key aspects on How to Pitch to Investors and how to make a Business plan.In addition to this, an attempt has been made through this compilation, to educate the upcoming entrepreneurs about the various initiatives and benefits being charted out by the government for the promotion of Startups. As an effort, we have also tried to enlighten our readers about the various IPRs along with their advantages and consequences by way of this book.

We have written this book in a very Simple Language to help you understand the financial and legal aspect which is very important for every startup. It has been written in a way that you need not have a legal or financial background to understand it .

It will indeed be value addition for you.

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