Startup: Accounting For Beginners, Weekly Habits For Success In Business (Accounting, Startup For Beginners, Habits For Small Business, Step By Step Routine)



“Startup: Accounting for Beginners – Weekly Habits for Success in Business.” Have you been thinking about starting your own business? Are you afraid of the accounting burden and all of the tasks that go along with owning your own business? Whether you are completely new to the business or have just begun researching it, this book will provide you with valuable step-by-step information about what it takes to start your own business and how to legally create the business.

The book will also provide you with an overview of the roles and responsibilities related to accounting and an in-depth review of the accounting functions needed to take place within your business to remain successful.

You are also provided with a detailed guide of the routine accounting habits that you should adhere to on a daily, weekly, monthly quarterly and annual basis, along with more information on the basics of accounting.

With passion and patience, you can start your own business and learn all of the accounting basics you need to learn to be successful.

Take Action, Learn the accounting skills now.

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