Pro Node.js Internals



Pro Node.js Internals is your deep dive into the internals of Node.js and V8 that together let you write server-side applications in plain old JavaScript. Node.js is fast becoming the lowest common denominator of web development tools and practices. This book enables you to understand every nook and cranny inside this evented, non-blocking, magical runtime. Using this book, you will understand how to think in terms of events and streams as programming tools. You will learn to create fast and scalable web servers, implement real-time features easily, and use the awesome Node.js module system to your advantage. You will be able to interact with the file system asynchronously, use typed arrays and buffers, create distributed multi-core network applications, and integrate native C/C++ code in your JavaScript modules. You will learn best practices for dealing with asynchronous code and avoid common pitfalls. Powerful server-side I/O has never been in the reach of the average JavaScript developer. With this book in hand, you will be able to leverage Node.js to create robust and secure applications end-to-end with JavaScript. Node.js lets you cook up cross-platform command-line tools, and use the event loop to make your applications truly real-time. You will see how magical, yet accessible this platform is for all kinds of applications.

May 17th, 2016 by