PHP Tutorials: Programming with PHP and MySQL


Updated May 2016

Written from a series of college lectures on PHP and MySQL this book is a practical look at programming. It starts with an introduction to PHP and then goes on to MySQL and how to use SQL with the PHP language.

It provides an introduction to web programming, how to display data from a database and update data to a database. It explains issues that you encounter in real world situations and provides the basic code from which you can then further develop.

Many of the chapters consists of a series of examples and tasks which are intended to illustrate each point and concentrate on simplified code so that you can see how to use it. All code is available for download from the web site to make it easier for you.

PHP and MySQL are a terrific open source combination to create dynamic database driven web sites which are being used in many web applications such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. This is where it’s at – don’t be left behind – it is not as difficult as you think.

* Introduction – Basic PHP concepts.

* Variables – Variables, programming techniques and so on.

* Forms and PHP – Posting data between forms.

* Arrays – Loops and array structures.

* Basic PHP structures – Include files and how to use them.

* Functions – Writing and using your own functions.

* Posting Forms – How forms work.

* Email Forms – An email form.

* JavaScript – Posting forms with JavaScript.

* SQL and MySQL – Querying database tables using SQL.

* An Example table – Some example data.

* Database Access – How to connect to a database.

* Using PHP and MySQL – A database driven form.

* Further PHP and MySQL – More PHP and MySQL.

* OpenCart – An example of an Open Source project.

* Error handling and debugging – Simple methods to find errors.

* Cookies and sessions – When and where to use them.

* Modifying Records – Editing and updating databases with PHP and SQL.

* Classes – An introduction to object orientated programming.

* File Handling – Reading and writing to text files.

* Regular Expressions and Validation – Some validation methods.

* PHP security – Some methods to overcome this issue.

* JQuery – An introduction to jQuery.

* htaccess and php.ini – How to use them.

* WordPress – An introduction to creating a WordPress Plugin.

* Appendix

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