PHP This! A Beginners Guide to Learning Object Oriented PHP


PHP This! is a beginners book for developers who are new to object oriented PHP web development.

This goal of PHP This! is to teach the PHP skills needed to be a junior PHP developer. These skills include an introduction to object oriented PHP theory and instruction on how to apply that theory to build a full custom MVC application, unit testing with PHPUnit and code management with SVN.

The instruction provided by this book also applies to experienced software engineers with expertise in other languages who have not had the opportunity yet to learn object oriented PHP or to those who are new to web development altogether.

Object Oriented concepts can be confusing at first that is why PHP This! provides a simple way to explain a confusing subject. The clear explanations and examples will quickly teach you what Object Oriented PHP is and how to use it, test it and manage it. Some key chapters and subjects include:

Chapter 1: Why Read This Book

Sample Job Description: Jr. PHP Developer

The Eight Primary Categories of JQuery Features

Why Learn Object Oriented PHP

Six Primary Advantages to Learning Object Oriented Programming

Chapter 2: PHP Objects & Classes

Overview — The Confusion of First Learning Object Oriented Theory

Explanation of a Class

Explanation of an Object


$this Variable

Access Modifiers


Method Overriding

Invoking Parent Methods

Horizontal Inheritance – Using Traits



Polymorphism vs. Method Overloading

Polymorphism vs. Method Overriding

Late Binding / Dynamic Binding

Chapter 3: PHP Magic Methods

Chapter 4: Abstract Classes & Methods

abstract Keyword

Extending sub-classes from an Abstract Base Class

Abstract Methods

final Keyword

Chapter 5: Interfaces

PHP Interfaces

Explanation of What Interfaces Are and Why They are Useful

interface & implements Keywords

Implementing Multiple Interfaces

Programming to the Interface


Chapter 6: Static Methods & Properties

The static Modifier

The Scope Resolution Operator

Static Properties

Static Methods

Singleton Pattern

Late Static Binding

The static Keyword vs. the self Keyword

Chapter 7: PHP Error Control & Exception Handling

The Built-in Exception Class

Throwing an Exception

The try-catch-finally Block

Setting the Desired Error Sensitivity Level

Setting Error Reporting 67

Error Reporting Sensitivity Levels

Logging Options

Chapter 8: The Model-View-Controller Design Pattern
Understanding the Model-View-Controller Design Pattern



The MCV URL Structure & URL Mapping

Using the .htaccess File
The index.php File
The MVC Folder Structure
Custom MVC Application – Restaurant Menu Management Application

Showing the Menu

Adding a Menu Item

Assigning a Menu Item to a Menu

Editing/Deleting Menu Items
Download the Source Code for the Custom MVC Application (Restaurant Menu Management Application)

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