Node.js: Learn one of the most powerful JavaScript frameworks. Web App Development



Learn one of the most powerful JavaScript frameworks. Web App Development.

This book is an exploration of the Node.js framework. The first part of the book is an exploration of what the framework is, where it is used, and how to use it. The reasons which have made the Node.js framework very popular are discussed in this book. This will help you in understanding the framework more. Error handling is very crucial in software applications, including the ones for Node.js. You need to learn how to implement this in your web applications. This book will guide you on how to implement the concept of error handling in your Node.js applications, meaning that you will make your application safer. The concept of strict mode in coding is also discussed in this book, so that you will learn how take advantage of it. You will also learn to use a global variable as a cache. Errors are paramount in applications as well as in node applications. The tools which can assist you in debugging your Node.js application are discussed to help you in handling errors in your node programs more effectively. There are also errors which you can hardly trace on your own in your application. This book guides you in understanding the concept of error handling in depth. The Apple push notification backend in Node.js is explored in this book, showing both what it is and how to use it.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Definition
  • The Reason behind Node Popularity
  • Error Handling
  • Debugging Node Applications
  • Node.js and MongoDB
  • Use of Strict Mode in Coding
  • Use of a Global Variable as a Cache
  • Apple Push Notification Backend in Node.js
  • Unit Testing in Node.js
  • The Node.js Cluster

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