Low Cost BIG DATA For Small- to Mid-Sized Firms and Lean Start-Ups (New Street Executive Summaries Book 1)


Many small- to mid-sized businesses are positioned to benefit greatly from the burgeoning advantages of Big Data, but hesitate because of an assumption that costs for real-time Big Data acquisition, warehousing and analysis will inevitably be prohibitive.

This is not the case.

In this 6000 word Executive Summary, leading industry consultant and bestselling author Lars Nielsen surveys and introduces a range of affordable Big Data approaches geared for lean Start-Ups and small- to mid-sized businesses.

Nielsen objectively analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of each approach, thus supplying information-rubrics to help professionals decide which might be best for their operations.

The information contained in this summary represents what Nielsen would normally impart over the course of a consulting hour (a $300 consulting hour) to a small-business client looking to get started leveraging Big Data.

CONTENTS: Introduction * Big Data Briefly Defined * Hadoop *RedShift, Elastic MapReduce and Other Assets from Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Some Praise, Some Criticism * Oracle’s NoSQL Database for Free – Perks and Pitfalls * Microsoft’s BizSpark Program – An “Affordable” Solution for Lean Start-Ups – But Also an “Adjustable-Rate-Mortgage” Fat Bomb * Google BigQuery – Pretty Good Overall, and Priced Right, But With a Few Limitations * Big Data Resources from Intuit, and Privacy Concerns * Wrapping It Up

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lars Nielsen has more than thirty years of experience as a systems developer, administrator and IT engineer for a range of Fortune 500 firms. His bestselling books include THE LITTLE BOOK OF CLOUD COMPUTING, A SIMPLE INTRODUCTION TO DATA SCIENCE and COMPUTING: A BUSINESS HISTORY.

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