LEAN: Lean Tools – Six Sigma & 5S – 2 Manuscripts + 1 BONUS BOOK (Lean Thinking, Lean Production, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Startup, Kaizen) (LEAN BIBLE 4)


2 LEAN Books + 1 Free Bonus Books Included!

Do You Want to Learn How to Master Lean Manager? Get this Book and Follow My Step by Step Explanations!

This LEAN Bundle Contains:

  • Lean Tools – Six Sigma

  • Lean Tools – 5S


Starting in the early 1900s, efficiency pioneer Henry Ford began working on a system for continuously improving the processes in his factories. The spiritual successor of this goal is known today as Six Sigma and it can provide you and your company with a better way to measure quality than you have ever used before.

If you are familiar with the basics of Six Sigma but are looking for ways to ensure you implement it effectively in your company, consider Lean Tools: Six Sigma. Inside you will find everything you need to determine if Six Sigma is the right continuous improvement process to suit your needs. What’s more, there are plenty of management tools which can be used to make the transition to Six Sigma as smooth as possible. Finally, there are all of the most commonly used critiques that are leveled against Six Sigma by those that are being bogged down by outdated thoughts and ideas.

Do your company a favor and ensure that its interaction with Six Sigma is more than a passing fling. Take matters into your own hands and do what needs to be done to ensure Six Sigma becomes a way of life; your company’s future profits will thank you.

Inside you will find

  • The questions you should ask prior to attempting to implement Six Sigma
  • The secret to ensuring Six Sigma makes the right impression, right away
  • Tips for motivating even the least enthusiastic of employees.
  • And more…


When it comes to lean tools, 5S is one of the easiest to implement as well as one of the best ways to introduce employees to the idea of continuous improvement. What’s more, it has a proven track record thanks to the success Toyota has had using the system for decades. 5S works by pinpointing waste that is hiding at all levels of the company and doing what it can to ensure the waste is minimized as much as possible. If your company could do with a little waste removal, then Lean Tools: 5S is the book you’ve been waiting for.

Inside you will find everything you’ll need to use 5S as a way to promote additional lean processes, while at the same time sorting, setting in order, straightening, shine and standardizing your way to future success. Do your company a favor, buy this book today! Unless of course you don’t need additional ways to ensure your processes are productive as possible.

Inside you will find

  • Answers to commonly asked questions about 5S
  • A detailed analysis of the system’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Tips and tricks for making the actual conversion process as smooth as possible
  • The best ways to ensure 5S is seen as more than just a management fad
  • And more


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