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“JavaScript in 8 Hours” is a useful book for beginners. You can learn complete primary knowledge of JavaScript fast and easily. The straightforward definitions, the plain and simple examples, the elaborate explanations and the neat and beautiful layout feature this helpful and educative book. You will be impressed by the new distinctive composing style. Reading this book is a great enjoyment! You can master all essential JavaScript quickly.

Table of Contents

Hour 1 JavaScript Basic

Hour 2 Operators

Hour 3 Array

Hour 4 Math, Time

Hour 5 String

Hour 6 Object

Hour 7 Event

Hour 8 Form & Dom

Appendix 1 Ajax Basic

Appendix 2 30 JavaScript Projects

1. Forbid copying texts

2. Check Email Format

3. Submit Only One Time

4. How much is the Price?

5. Encode the Texts

6. Select All

7. Password protects webpage

8. Replace a Word

9. How long have you stayed?

10. Print this page

11. Disable right-click menu

12. Disable part of scripts

13. Limit wrong password

14. Words processing

15. Greeting by time

16. Twinkling Text

17. Login Page

18. Design window size

19. View Source Codes

20. Check digital input

21. Check empty input

22. Check picture uploading

23. Mouse coordinates

24. Prevent malicious input

25. Typing Effect

26. Set background color

27. Select Menu

28. Text scrolls up

29. Magnify texts

30. Five star review

Source code for download

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