How to Effectively Market Your Startup Using a Blog


Do you really need a blog for your startup?

As a startup founder or an entrepreneur who has a business, this is one of the questions that play in your head. After all, many of the marketing gurus always advice you to start one. However, your time and financial resources are limited. While it’s good to start a blog, it might not make sense for your startup right now.

This short ebook helps you answer that question and more. In this 4000-word ebook, you’ll know three important things: 1. Determine if starting a blog makes sense to your startup. 2. Factors you need to consider before building a blog. 3. Main ingredients in order to start an effective blog.

By knowing these three things, you can quickly decide whether starting a blog is worth your time. If it’s not, then you can focus on other marketing channels. If yes, then you’ll have the foundation you need to get started.

May 17th, 2016 by

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