How to Create a Six Figure Product (2016): How to Create Services, Software, Physical Items and Information Products That Literally Sells Itself


Who Else Wants to Create a Guaranteed Six Figure Product?

In this book we’re going to show you how to exactly create a product that your customers already wants to buy even before you start selling it!

It doesn’t matter if it’s Services,Software,Physical Items or Information Products!

There is a specific formula that you can follow so you can make sure that your next product idea is an instant hit!

Inside you’ll learn:

– The biggest mistake product creators make when they are selling their ideas

– How to create a product that sells itself

– How to find the most profitable niches to go into

– What is a “product angle” and why this will be the most important word in the product creation process

– What people want in their core and why you need to target these cores if you really want to make money!

– How to turn your knowledge of the human brain into a marketing research gold mine

– How Steve Jobs changed the marketing game via the Iphone

– Examples of product creation process for info products, physical items, software and services

– The exact human emotions you need to tap for you to create a product that customers are clamoring to buy!

Stop wondering why your product ideas are not selling and follow this blueprint to create your next “product hit”

Scroll up and Download your copy today!

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