How to Become a Web Developer or Software Engineer Without Going to College


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If You are Thinking to Get into Web Development or Software Engineering as a Career But You are Wondering Do You Need a College Degree But Which One if You Need it.
Do You Need a 4 Years Bachelor Degree or a 2 Years Associate of Science/Higher Diploma.

The 5 Famous Major Degree’s Which Make Newbie Interested in IT and Web Development.
But These Degrees are Design to Make Extra Cash for the Dean of the University for Buying a Yacht or a House on the Mountain .
5 Useless DegreesWhich are:

1.Bachelor of Computing
2.Bachelor of Software Engineering
3.Bachelor of Applied Computing
4.Bachelor of Business Information Technology
5.BTEC HND in Computing & Systems Development

These 5 Major are Useless and You Will Learn Nothing Rather than Theories.
Indeed Yes College’s are Scam Nows a Days, Even Universites are Scam, Most of they are Made for Profit, Thats Why They are Called For Profit College or Diploma Mill.

Here is a True Story , One of My Friend Graduate from Teesside University by HKIT in a 4 Years BSc (Hons) in Computing.
He Couldn’t Get a Job Because after Graduating in BSc (Hons) in Computing from Teesside University. The Employer Told Him He Don’t Have Any Skills, No Website Design, No Java, No IT Support and No eCommerce Solution Skills.
The Only thing He Need is a Solid Portfolio Not a Worthless 4 Years Degree.

Only One Degree Which Hold Some Value is BSc in Computer Science (CS) Because Computer Science is Even More Harder than Becoming a Doctor

If You are a Blue Collar Worker Like Construction Worker, Security Guard or a Driver and Want to Have a Career Change With a Better Life and Good Pay than Now You Already Know You Don’t Need Degree to Come into Web Development Rather than Skills and a Portfolio.
You Even Don’t Need Motivation, You Only Need is Discipline ,You Need to Become a Self Taught Web Developer Like I Had Become.

I m Jimmy a Geek Which I m is Web Developer, Web Engineer, PHP Developer, UI/UX Designer and Hybrid Mobile App Developer.

Most Small Businesses Employer’s Don’t Want You to Have a Degree or Be a Expert at Web Development, Employer’s Just Want Get Work Done.

If You Want to Come into Web Design than JavaScript is a Must for Web Designer.
Web Developer Job is to Code in PHP, JAVA, Ruby on Rails or Python and and a Web Developer Put Things Together Like
Lego Bricks Which Become a Web Application. You Don’t to Spend any Money to Build a Web Application (Web Apps).

Learning PHP is Not Hard, Learning MockUp Design is Not Hard,
Web Developer Don’t Need to Memorize All Things.
They Only Need a Have Solid Understanding of the Concepts of the Programming Language.

My Advice is to Become a Web Developer is.
1.Buy HTML,CSS and JavaScript Pocket Guide Books.
2.Go to Codecademy 
3.Go to Coursera and Udacity

Thats All, Wish You a Best of Luck to Become a Web Developer.

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