How I Learned To Code and Became a Software Engineer

How I Learned To Code in 3 months and got a job

In today’s video I break down how learning to code in 3 months and being a Software Engineer has changed my life, I tell exactly how I learned to code as a Software Engineer, the impact it’s had on my life, how I’ve built a solid mindset, how to deal with rejections, being able to move into new tech jobs and advice to programming beginners.

Harvard CS50 – Intro to CS
CS50 Web Programming with JS and Python
Programming with Mosh:
Free Code Camp

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Soleyman Shahir is a content creator and Software Engineer. Soleyman’s focus is to inspire more people to pursue careers in tech and navigate their way through it by sharing his own real-world tech experience working at global and startup companies. Working in tech has changed Soleyman’s life and given him incredible confidence to build his own ideas out and give back to the community by supporting their journeys in tech through content.

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00:00 Intro
01:19 How I Learned To Code
01:45 Sponsored Degree Apprenticeship
02:20 Sponsored Degree Offer
03:24 Becoming a Software Engineer
04:03 Coding Bootcamp
04:30 Things I learned on Coding Bootcamp
05:02 Learning How To Learn
06:00 Are Bootcamps Worth it?
07:05 Things I would of done differently
08:45 Impact of Being A Software Engineer
09:20 Beginner Imposter Syndrome
10:40 Advice For Programming Beginners
12:00 4 Step Programming Process
12:23 Where to learn to code

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