His Billionaire: The Complete Series Box Set: Club Prive: Alpha Billionaire Romance

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Epic, Wet, & Sexy

At 32 years old, Dean, the inventor of a complex navigating system for planes, which would eventually replace pilots. He’s a first class traveler, on his way to Washington, to discuss his ideas with the NTSB.

Dean is a pilot himself, he loves flying his three jets across the states, but he preferred a commercial flight that day. He rushes into the cockpit, saves the plane and the passengers. After the ordeal, he notices a beautiful stewardess. She is smitten by him. He’s the hero she’s always dreamed of. The flight he saves is her last for at least two weeks. She gets some time off.

They meet, go out, have sex and all. But, the man is torn: Should he pursue the sale of his revolutionary system or listen to his new girlfriend? She doesn’t like the fact that people would lose their jobs and pilots would be rendered obsolete.

This Box Set contains:

Book 1: His LUST

Book 2: His PRIDE


Book 4: His MISERY

Book 5: His WRAITH

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Readers should be 18 and over due to mature situations and language.

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