Free Editing Software! How To Edit YouTube Videos Like a Pro! -TONS OF TUTORIALS PACKED INTO 1-

What’s up guys! This video was highly requested so here it is. Many people ask me how to do certain effects so I thought why not make a long uncut tutorial showing you guys how I edit my videos live. Please leave a like and voice out any questions, concerns, or complaints in the comments down below 🙂
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Thank you for taking the time out of your day to watch me 🙂 I love making these videos for you guys. I’m open to any new video ideas! So if you have a recommendation just send me a email and i will ALWAYS credit you!

Music and Stuff im Always Asked!

Intro Song is called (aero chord secret) & The outro song is called (Spektrem by NCS) Here are the links 😉



Music i use:


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