Easy Sketch Pro Best Whiteboard Animation Software And Video Editing Software For YouTube


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Easy Sketch Pro is the Best Video Editing Software that automates the process of creating so-called ‘sketch videos’ also known as ‘whiteboard animation videos’.

A sketch video is a video in which an animated hand is seen to draw images on a canvas in such a way as to illustrate the narrative being related in the voice-over.

Sketch videos are generally regarded as being more effective at engaging an audience than many other video formats because of the entertainment value they provide.

OK. Now you’ve seen a sketch video and you know what the format is. But why should you use sketch videos?

I can answer that with one word… engagement.

You are creating a video for a reason, whether that be to sell something, teach something or simply to entertain. Whatever the reason, you want your audience to watch your whole video. And they are much more likely to do that if they are enjoying what you are showing.

Countless tests by marketers have shown that sketch videos have a far higher engagement (or ‘retention’) than ‘talking head’ or screen capture videos. Not only are they different to most videos out there, they are also more enjoyable to watch.

And that is why big name marketers and brands are using sketch videos more and more. Have a look around the Internet and you will see them cropping up more and more.

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