Computer Monitoring Software [Auto Capture PC Trailer]


Download Auto Capture PC:

Auto Capture PC is Award-Winning computer monitoring software, combine powerful monitor features and ease of use. Auto Capture PC records keystrokes including usernames, emails and passwords, screenshots, plus provides powerful parental features such as blocking unwanted programs, websites and protecting programs with password and much more.

Features :
– Keystrokes typed include usernames and password.
– Capture screenshots.
– Log all data stored in windows clipboard.
– Log all viewed windows.
– Monitor files change including “Create, Rename, Change and Delete”.
– Block unwanted websites.
– Block unwanted programs.
– Protect any program with password.
– Stealth audio recorder.
– System auto logoff, restart and shutdown.
– Email delivery.
– Startup monitoring and invisible mode.
– Advanced features including “keyword trigger and keyword filter”.
– Invisible mode


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