Cognitive IoT


Internet of Things is a vision where every object in the world has the potential to connect to the Internet and provide their data so as to derive actionable insights on its own or through other connected objects.

Cognitive computing are systems that are designed to make computers think and learn like human brain. Similar to an evolution of a human mind from a new born to teenager to an adult, where new information is learned and existing information augmented, cognitive system learn through the vast amount of information fed to it. Such a system is trained on a set of information or data, so that it can understand the context and help in making informed decisions.

Cognitive Internet of Things is about enabling current IoT technologies with human like intelligence. Cognitive systems in the context of IoT would play a key role in future.

This is a short ebook under 15 pages targeted to get an overview on Internet of Things and Cognitive Computing, its architecture and synergies between them.

The book comprises of 4 parts –

1. Introduction to Internet of Things.

2. Introduction to Cognitive Computing.

3. Cognitive Internet of Things

4. Architecture of a connected world.

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