CAD Fashion Design Software


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The Telestia Creator Fashion Design CAD software provides easy to use tools that will extend your creativity to make designs that you never even thought possible.
Models of different proportions can be used as a background guide to draw your original designs.
Save, store and create your own collection libraries.
Make modifications to existing designs and create brand new collections.
Colour your styles in your own combinations or use the available colour libraries for each season.
With the Virtual Fitting (moulage) option, create a model in any size measurements and use it as a base to draw your designs.
Create technical drawings easily and accurately and provide clear guidelines for the pattern development process.
For the first time the fashion designer and the pattern technologist will have a clear communication basis, drawn directly from the CAD system as you work.

This unique CAD fashion design system comes with build-in help and demo guidelines. Experience the vast number of options available and bring to life your design ideas.


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