Big Data NoSQL Architecting MongoDB



The IT industry is undergoing a revolution with the introduction of Big Data. Big Data is posing challenges to the traditional RDBMS way of storing and processing data hence paving ways to newer technology of storing and processing data also known as NoSQL. Big Data and NoSQL technologies are taking the industry to a newer dimension. Big Data, MongoDB not only enables the user in understanding the buzz words “Big Data” and “NoSQL”, it also delves in understanding one of the popular document-based NoSQL databases “MongoDB”. MongoDB is one of the leading NoSQL document store databases which enable organizations to handle and gain meaningful insights from Big Data. The book covers the necessary features of MongoDB which is needed to get up to speed in knowing about the database. The book covers details on Architecting, Developing and Administering MongoDB. Big Data, MongoDB will not only help you get started in the traditional “How-To” sense, but also provide meaningful insights enabling you to make the best use of the database. What’s inside: The book will cover the process of understanding about Big Data, NoSQL and MongoDB in the following few steps: 1: Introduction to Big Data and NoSQL 2: Introduction to MongoDB 3: Understand MongoDB Data Model 4: Getting Started with Installation and coding with Mongo Shell 5: MongoDB Explained 6: Administering MongoDB 7: MongoDB Use Cases and How To’s – Know How To’s for using MongoDB to its best.

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