Big Data and Hadoop


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This ebook provides a quick summary of essential concepts in Big Data and Hadoop by following snack sized chapters:

Introduction to Big Data:

• Introduction to Big Data

• Sources of Big Data

• Big Data Characteristics

• Big Data Analytics

• The Importance of Big Data

Big Data in the Enterprise:

• Big Data in the Enterprise

• Data Processing and Analytics: The Old Way

• Big Data Enterprise Model

• Building a Big Data Platform

Hadoop and Hadoop Infrastructure:

• Hadoop

• Why Hadoop?

• How does Hadoop help?

• Hadoop Infrastructure

• How Data Model is Different?

• How Computing Model is Different?

• Hadoop framework

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS):

• HDFS: Hadoop Distributed File System

• HDFS: Files and Blocks

• Replication

• Hadoop: A master-slave architecture

• HDFS: Data Placement and Replication


• MapReduce

• Typical large –data problem

• MapReduce Paradigm – I

• Word count example

• MapReduce Paradigm – II

• MapReduce – Jobs and tasks

• MapReduce: A master-slave architecture

• MapReduce Programming Model

• MapReduce – word count mapper

• MapReduce – word count reducer

• MapReduce – word count main

• MapReduce – running a job

Relationship between MapReduce and HDFS:

• Relationship between MapReduce and HDFS

• Clients, Data Nodes, and HDFS Storage

• MapReduce workloads

• Hadoop Fault Tolerance

• Reading/Writing Files

Hadoop and Databases:

• Hadoop and Databases

• Typical Datacenter Architecture

• Adding Hadoop to the Mix

• The Key Benefit

• Flexibility: Complex Data Processing

The Hadoop Implementation:

• Job Execution

• Hadoop Data Types

• Job Configurations

• Input and Output Formats

Scenarios for Using Hadoop and Hadoop Live Use Cases:

• Scenarios for Using Hadoop

• Orbitz: Major Online Travel Booking Service

• Major National Bank

• Leading North American Retailer

• Netflix


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