Best Free Editing Software For YouTube! (Tutorial)

This is the actual best free editing software for YouTube!

Now go make some quality ass YouTube Content! XD

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Q – Can’t install / QuickTime ( qt decoder failed).

A – Reinstall and download QuickTime from apples website.

Q – Why aren’t my video files showing up?

A – Drag the video file directly into the media pool (from your file explorer) or if that doesn’t work convert it to another format ( MP4 with the h.264 codec ).

Q – Choppy Playback / Crashing

A – Select DNxHR LB under optimize media and cache frames / check if ram or cpu is bottlenecking.

Q – How do I add audio files?

A – Convert them to .wav format.

Q – Can’t export using the settings in the video.

A – My small mistake try using Quicktime/MPEG4

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