Beared To Him (The Carlton Brother Series Book 1)


This is Part one of a three part series about the small town of Honey Point.

Raine Winters is happily putting the past behind her and getting on with her life. Six years ago, she had her heart broken and it took time to heal her broken heart. But, she formed a relationship with a new man. One that vowed to treat her right.

Joe Carlton left Honey Point six years ago, unable to accept his true form. He left town in hope of living a normal life with the humans and never hurting the one that he loved. He thought that he was protecting her and keeping her safe. When he returns to town, due to the death of a relative. Joe sees the error of his ways. Not only should he never have left Raine, but she has a new love.

There’s a war coming to Honey Point as Joe starts to fight for the love he once lost and refuses to lose again.

***This is a standalone book with no cliffhangers.****

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