Arrays: PHP 7 Beginners Guide: Single, Multi-dimensional, Associative, and Object Arrays



Many programmers have a difficult time understanding arrays. Arrays: PHP 7 Beginners Guide is a first of its kind book which provides an in-depth look at arrays. After a quick overview of the basic PHP 7, each chapter is devoted to a concentration on single, multi-dimensional, associative, and object arrays. In addition, examples of every PHP 7 array function (over 75) are demonstrated. The appendix provides a two-dimensional array case study on the logical design of a checkers game. •Why do we need arrays? When do we need to use arrays? •Are arrays efficient? Can arrays reduce coding time? •When do you use multi-dimensional and associative arrays? •What is an Object Array? In addition to answering these questions, the code examples demonstrate common ‘real world’ scenarios. These examples include: •Retrieval and storage of array data from an html form •Retrieval and storage of array data from a text file •Retrieval and storage of array data from a MySQL database Complete demonstrations of inserting, appending, updating, and deleting array data are provided. Validation methods insure that the data provided by a user is ‘good’ before the data is entered into an array. PHP 7 try/catch modules are used to capture exceptions and errors that may be caused by invalid data.

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