An Introduction to R – A Brief Tutorial for R Software for Statistical Analysis


A quick introduction to R for those new to the statistical software. –Hopefully you find it useful!

Data used in video:
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R-Code in this Video:
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Help Loading Data:

A brief introduction to R software.
• Start up R,
• 2:00 Intro to the R-console and the R-editor window
Reading data into R
• 2:20 Inputting data manually (reading in a vector)
• 4:25 read.csv() – loading a CSV File (comma separated variable file)
• 8:19 Setting up a working directory
9:45 Double checking you loaded the data correctly
• str() – the structure function
• summary() – the summary function
• fix() – the fix function
12:30 “Help” with the “read.csv” function and others


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